Hand-Embroidered Palls

 . . . great gifts for the newly ordained, for priestly anniversaries, etc.

"IHS Four Crowns": $85

"Marian": SD $90

"In Cruce Salus": SD $105

"IHS Shield": SD $105
"IHS Lillies":  SD $130

"IHS Cross and Crown": SD $140

"IHS Grapes and Wheat": SD $165

"Cross and Thistles": SD $175

optional addition of
    Simple Loop lace: 
SD $30
    Clover Leaf lace: 
SD $35

Examples of added lace:
"IHS Four Crowns" with Simple Loop Lace: SD $115

"IHS Lillies" pall with Simple Loop Lace: SD $160

"IHS Cross and Crown" with Clover Leaf Lace: SD $175

"Cross and Thistles" with Simple Loop Lace: SD $205

"Marian" with Clover Leaf Lace: SD $125

All palls are made of 100% linen ( Libeco Legae Ecclestiacal Linen) of the finest weave.
The inserts are of the thinnest Plexiglas I can find as well, 1/32" and measure 6.5" square
Other dimensions happily made to order.



Tatting by the Inch

Or buy lace to add to an existing pall.
Also great gifts for baptisms, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and ordinations.

Clover-leaf Edging
SD $1.25/inch

Simple Loop Edging
SD $1.00/inch

Add lace to your:

  • Communion Veils
  • Lampshades
  • Pillowcases
  • Palls
  • Altar Linens
  • Napkins
  • Handkerchiefs