Measuring 10.5" square, this soft white 100% Irish linen ladies' handkerchief is the best I have been able to find anywhere.  To it can be added whatever lace you prefer, and can embroider the corner with the design of your choosing if you desire.  If you have a handkerchief you'd like to send me I can work on that as well.

SD $45
(handkerchief included)


  1. Just Beautiful! You do beautiful work! It was so nice to meet you at the MN Lace Society, I hope you continue to join us. And you do the embroidery too? What a great talent you are! I have so much to learn! Brenda

  2. What a beautiful talent you have been blessed with. I recently had the opportunity to be in Deanna's tatting class in Stillwater. She not only is a wonderful tatting instructor, but a beautiful person as well. She has inspired the entire class. Not only did I learn some tatting skills, I also met some wonderful new friends, we had a blast. I hope to keep in contact with her, and to add to my tatting skills. Tats it for now. Kathy R.